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Im Married!

Hey ladies. I got married on the 18th and it was a perfect day! The weather was perfect 76 and sunny! Everything went awesome. We had about 12 no shows for the guests but thats their lose.

Only complaint was that our DJ pissed me off haha. I would have cancelled him anyways before hand but his contract locked us in regaurdless. He was super unprofessional before the wedding, he called me the morning of to see if he was  supposed to be doing our ceremony music(hello look at our contract), he was supposed to be there at  11-11:30 but diddnt show up til 1. SO HERES WHERE IT GETS GOOD...The bridal party and I get to the venue in our classic car, were waiting for the cake baker to move her van so we can drive around the building when all of a sudden a van flies up on our ass whailing on the horn, whips around us though the ditch to the back of the building. My girls and I are pissed! We get around the building to discover that it was the DJ!

I didnt let that ruin my day though we still had a blast!! TK is being slow so ill post more pics later:)

Im trying to join you on the nest but I cant figure out how to post over there :(. Is there something that im missing?


Re: Im Married!

  • Yay congrats! And sad to hear you had such a crummy dj. :( I would be so mad and would make sure to write a bad review for him. Also for the nest they don't have a "post" box like the knot does. What I have done to post it to hit "reply". Hope that helps.
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