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So my guest list has been basically set for awhile now. But for some reason  i'm getting nervous that I won't be able to make my minimum. My min is 125 and I have 181 on my guest list. Lately I've read so many girls saying they invited over 200 people and almost didn't make their 125 minimum! So my question is, How many people are you inviting to your wedding? And what is you required min for you venue??
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  • We've got about 150 on our list but our venue has no minimum, only a maximum. What happens if you don't meet your minimum?
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  • inviting around 260. room minimum is 175. i'd think we'd have no problem making our minimum.

    FI and I want the guest count to be 200-205.  mom seems to think we'll get that low, but i have a feeling we'll end up at 220ish.

    seriously, do THAT many people really turn down invites to weddings? we're sending our save the dates 6 months in advance...
  • We are inviting about 195 people, including children. I guess the only minimum we have for our venue is that we need to spend at least X amount on food. I think that # equates to about 105 people.

    I think it can go either way as PPs have said, some people have everyone show up and others have had a much smaller number make it.
  • I'm guessing if you don't meet your 125 person max, they'll still just charge you the difference.  Meaning, if you have 115 people, they'll just charge you the per person price for 10 additional people to ensure you spend $x of money.  You've already decided your budget will accomodate the 125 (hopefully the entire 181 you will invite), so it really shouldn't be anything you fret over!  If you want to ensure you have 125 people, just make a "b-list" and if you have many regrets come in, invite another round of people.  Some people are very against doing this, but I have many groups of friends where I'm not picking and choosing, but rather not inviting anyone, so I would be happy to be able to extend invites to another group of 10-15 people.
  • We don't have a minimum number of people but we have a minimum dollar amount. You should talk with your venue, even if they have a minimum number of guests stated in their policy, I hope they would offer you the option to upgrade your food, bar, etc. instead of having to pay for people who aren't there. That is what we will do if we don't meet our dollar minimum based on our current selections.

    Also, don't stress! If you don't meet the minimum there is nothing you can do about it. Are most of your guests in town or at least nearby? I think things that often influences how many people come is proximity and how close people are to the bride and groom. Some people invite everyone they've ever met, like their 3rd grade teacher who they haven't seen since they were eight. Of course that person isn't going to come! But if your guest list is mostly family and close friends, then you will probably have no trouble getting to 125.
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  • Yeah even if 125 people dont come, I will still get charged for 125 people. Though, I have heard that my venue will upgrade things for you if you fall short of your minimum. I want to say most are pretty close, but theres alot that are out of state too. And pretty far! I wasn't too worried about this until I started reading brides inviting 200+ and not making there 125 minimum. It just got me thinking about the friends I wished I could have invited but didn't due to budget, thinking hey maybe I should have invited them?! 

    I wish there was some magical way we could know how many people will be coming to the wedding! :)
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  • We were set on 125 ppl. But we did end up inviting more than that. Our venue is able to hold 250, but we didn't invite that many ppl. We both figured if we over invite, not everyone will be able to make it, so we are still figuring around 125.
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