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Monogramed Napkins

Hi ladies!!

I saw on Lauren's post that she had monogramed beverage napkins and this has been something my Mom and I have been fretting about for awhile!! 

Anyone have any ideas of where to get monogramed napkins??  Mom used to order them from a Hallmark in a town nearby my hometown, but the Hallmark went out of business and we are totally lost as to where to find them now!! 

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Re: Monogramed Napkins

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    In Response to <a href=" Club BoardsForum:1fb748ee-7a4e-40eb-b4b4-e553486f4cacDiscussion:fd6608ac-dbd2-4aee-865e-4506054a6f9bPost:73328961-7916-4a54-8264-b9964791a332">Re: Monogramed Napkins</a>:
    [QUOTE]I made my own. :) I orderred a stamp off of (seller is in my bio) and then I used Staz On ink to stamp each napkin! And they look great! (pics in bio under "DIY")
    Posted by colstj1[/QUOTE]

    Have you tried these with actual drinks? I'd be afraid condensation would make it smear?
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