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Everyone ok?

Hi Girls
I am at work and finally able to get on internet (whoa how lucky my office is the one place in teh entire state that didn't lose power so i had to come to work- ho hum!)

Anyway- just wanted to see how everyone dealt with the storm? And if everyone is ok? Had a lot of damage?

We didn't have any damage- but my parnets have over 4 feet of water in their basement.
We currently. don't have any power at home (and the generators I was depending on, ya, those BROKE- great timing).  the electric company told us to expect electricity back around Wed or Thurs at best.
So for now its board games by candle light, preztels and chips and lots of cold showers!!!

Hope everyone else is weathering the storm (pun intended!)

EDIT: As a happy side note. I had called my venue witha  question Sat and they said they could't take any calls. For the first time in 35 years they were hosting TWO weddings on Saturday- so that Sunday's bride could have her wedding without it being washed out (the town my venue was in is seaside and was evacuated on Sunday). It was in the ppaer today that it went off without a hitch!
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