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When is your last day at work?

I am getting married this Saturday in another state... which I will be heading out to Thursday morning. I am wokring now and was plannign on working until Wednesday, but I am a mess! I feel like a big ball of stress and my cell phone keeps ringing with a bunch of people/vendors/bridesmaids/etc... so, I am debating just saying whatever and not coming back after today. When was your last day? What are your thoughts?

Re: When is your last day at work?

  • my wedding is saturday too. I'm not getting married in another state but i am getting married an hour away. I am leaving at 9 am on Friday for my hotel and i am only at work today and tomorrow.
    Maybe you can take a half day tomorrow? I would try to finish thigns up as best you you don't leave your coworkers hanging. I know there are things here i have to finish doing so I can't just leave after today.

    Alhtough I have spent at least 3 hours of my work day today on the phone to vendors/family/and friends...
    So i decided to turn off my phone until 5 and then check it on my way home.

    I def. couldn't work on Wendesday we have too many things to do.
    Just write a list of everything you need to get done (I know this is hard because i started my list at 9 am and i have three things on it)

  • I'm getting married next Tuesday in a different country!  I'll only work a 1/2 day on Friday, then we'll leave after that.
  • My last day of work is Wednesday. I am fortunate enough that I can still answer my phone. I have almost everything done, and what I don't have done are just odds and ends. I verified my times and addresses with both the photographer and limousine companies. After work today- rehearsal centerpieces (florist) and then the mall to get a few items for the honeymoon, tomorrow- (regular- different from today's) florist then wrap all bridal party gifts, wednesday- venue to drop off items. thursday- hairdresser for color and trim then rehearsal, and rehearsal dinner. Friday- pick up gown and take e-ring for polishing cleaning and then pack. Saturday, nails, wax and then hair (to get rollers in) then finish packing our bags. Sunday- hair, makeup and wedding. =)

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  • My wedding is Saturday and I am taking Friday off.  Luckily I am sitting in a great place with having nearly everything done.  Work has been crazier this month than wedding planning, so I am spending this week tying up loose ends before taking 2 weeks off.  I would love to take an extra day and relax, but didn't want to get greedy since I'm already off until 9/10!

    Perhaps you can set aside a chunk of time after work and follow up with all your vendors and  your wedding party and ask if they have any questions for you?  That would stop calls to you in the next couple days I would think if you could answer everything they need tonight.
  • Tomorrow (Tuesday) is my last day. My wedding is in Ohio which is 7 hours away from St. Louis. Most of Wednesday will be spent packing up the car and driving to Ohio so that we can spend Wednesday and Thursday making our final preparations for Saturday!
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  • I got married on a Wed and my last day was Monday that same week. If I didn't need the money, I would have taken off from the Friday before- it was hell getting out of town the day before the wedding! Thankfully though, as a school teacher I'm still on break nowLaughing
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  • im getting married on friday the 31st. The plan was to take the wednesday to sunday off for the wedding but I dont actually know now. Ive been working straight through since the beginning of august (a coworker had to take time off for a family thing so I get no days off to cover her shifts) so the plan was to work straight through til til the 25th take the 26th off and work the monday tuesday then take the wednesday to sunday off as originally planned but today a coworker walked out and I dont know how that will effect the schedule. Im hoping to still be able to take the original planned days off as im making my own cake and we arent going on a honeymoon so it would be nice to spend some time with my FI before we both go back to work monday.
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  • I'm getting married Saturday too, but here in town and I Wednesday is my last day at work and my FI is working Thursday.  But we don't have to go back until September 10.
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  • I am getting married on 8/31 so next week I am working Monday and Tuesday then taking WedMonday off Monday is the holiday my sister is coming in on Wednesday afternoon so I want to have the morning to do my last minute cleaning and preparing before she gets here. It is hard to believe that it is a week away that I get to see my family. I haven't seen them since the beginning of LAST August. :
  • ok, wow! I guess my situation isn't that unusual then. I am getting loose ends tied up at work and things are calmer today. I talked to teh DJ and I owe him a few song selections (I totally forgot) and of course 3 people dropped out of hte wedding this morning but I am handling it all OK. Tomorrow is a half day in the office, and then I will do the other half from home (if I need to get more done). 
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