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cake ideas needed for a bottom tier(s)

our wedding theme is little mermaid! with a touch of traditional russian romnov royal military. it's a proper historical take on prince erics wedding attire. (cosplayers and reenactors getting married.)

and we have a "unique" cake toper that is a heavy box with that scene in it minus the fish swiming in the circle. this tier is foam because of that.
 the second tier is going to be the fish swiming around the boat.

the following tiers i'm not sure at all what to do to make it cohesive and fit the scene or the top of the cake. we need for sure one more tier but we might need 2.

 it depends on my bf's grooms cake. since he's getting the red room themed cake from twin peeks and it might feed the rest of the guests.

so any ideas for the bottom of the cake?
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