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AHHHH wanna scream!

soooooo i've been talking to "my baker" the past few weeks about the wedding cake on facebook.  sent her a picture and was talkin about what i needed to bring her like the fish bowls etc.  And today I get a message that says 
"Hey Jennifer quit and left me w/ this picture, we don't have an order placed for you, call me xxx-xxx-xxxx"
OMG I sent these people a deposit check like 2 months ago and even talked to the main baker on the phone myself.  Where the heck is my order.  I'm down to 5 months and this is the only baker in town that REALLY fits our budget.
I called them but they are only open Wed-Sat... hopefully things get figured out in the next couple of days Yell

Sorry I really needed to vent! And I knew my boss totally wouldn't understand (he's a man) 

Re: AHHHH wanna scream!

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    HOLY F.  I'd be pissed.  Hopefully you can talk with someone tomorrow and organize this fiasco.  I'm hoping the best works out for you. Fingers crossed!
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    Do you have a written contract?  If you don't, get a copy of that cashed check from your bank and go talk to baker in person.  Hopefully, in the memo line you wrote "Wedding cake deposit" but even if you didn't you can use it as evidence that there was a contract.
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    Oh man. This blows. Keep us up to date with the progress.
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    GUESS WHAT!!!!!
    She just had my name wrong! It all got fixed today. yay me LOL!
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