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cocktail reception menu ideas?

 I will be doing an appetizers only reception. So far my menu consists of mini burgers, crab and shrimp stuffed mushrooms, and loaded potato bites. I am having trouble coming up with more ideas though. Some of our guests are vegetarians, so I need some veggie appetizers included. Any suggestions?  Thanks for any advice or suggestions!

Re: cocktail reception menu ideas?

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    Some vegetarian ideas: mini spring rolls, mini spanikopita, mini quiche or souffles, vegetable sushi, mini samosas, potato pancakes, bruschetta.  You could also have vegetarian versions of the ideas you already have, like: portabello mushroom sliders, mushrooms stuffed with vegetarian stuffing, and potato bites without bacon. 

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    Who is making the apps?  If it is a venue, what is their menu?  If it is you, what is your culinary skill level?

    Cheese & Crackers
    Mini Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup Shooters
    Fruit Kabobs
    Veggie Platter
    Mini Pizzas
    Stuffed Tomatoes

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    This is an idea  for my cocktail menu, we are having 3 (and a half) different rounds of food, with a different cocktail to match. Most are vegetarian, and I am making them myself, but having servers construct/reheat/serve. I am toasting the bread shapes (baguettes, ciabatta) and the wonton pastry (in a mini muffin pan) and mini pastry cases the day before, as well as making most of the fillings the day before.

    Most of the recipes I have got from www.taste.com.au and martha stewart. Cocktail food will be 2-6, dessert at 7, and then about 9 have some cold roast chicken, potato salad, zucchini, lemon & orzo salad, and a tomato, olive and avocado salad, with lots of bread buns, for anyone still partying with us.

    cheese/european food (and a cocktail good with cheese)
    mini cheese balls (1 rolled in chives, the other in pink pepper corns) on small squares of toasted bread. (vege)

    roasted rare beef on toasted bread rounds, with good mayonnaise and caper pesto (am making a vege version, maybe with camembert or blue cheese)

    asparagus and goats curd cheese (in a toasted pastry cup) (vege)

    haloumi cheese skewers, with lemon, parsley and caper salsa (vege)

    hot smoked salmon tartlets (in a toasted pastry cup) with sour cream 

    mexican/spanish (with a minty/lime cocktail)
    lemon, yoghurt and avocado, topped with salsa, served in a wonton cup (vege)

    cheese and jalapeno bites, in a small corn tortilla cone (vege)

    prawn or chicken skewers, with chorizo

    ciabatta topped with mozerella, lemon zest, basil and chilli (vege)

    bean quasadilla triangles, with guacamole (vege)

    asian (maybe a ginger/pineapple fruity cocktail)
    spicy thai pork balls (tofu for vegetarian)

    mini thai salad of mango, lime, peanut, chilli, coconut, on a baby spinach leaf (vege)

    chicken skewers with malaysian peanut sauce (tofu skewers for vege)

    spicy chilli grilled shrimp (might do fake chicken strips for a vege option)

    mini crab cakes (potato cakes for vege option)

    indian (maybe a rose water or mango cocktail)
    vege samosas, with dipping sauce

    mango chutney and cream cheese in wonton cup (vege)

    onion bajees (vege) with dipping sauce

    Dessert will be french macarons (sea salt caramel, strawberry, coconut, mocha, vanilla bean, passionfruit) and a cream, white choc and hazelnut cake. Also there will be fruit skewers available, and maybe some nuts, chips + salsa etc. I will also try and make a few gluten free options, and vegan if we have any coming.
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