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French? Cake?

I looked on a few pages and didn't see anything addressing this specific question so here goes... Hopefully someone has some insight.  I'm Asian and normally we order our birthday cakes, etc, from a French Bakery because their cake and icing is not as sugary and sweet as an American Cake.  This is what my family expects so this is what we'll do.  Anyways... I wanted to try and bake one just for a special occasion at home.On searching for "French Cakes", this is not what I thought a French Cake is.  On Google... it is a pyramid of cream puffs covered in a sugar glaze.  I'm just trying to find the right term for the not-too-sweet cake that is sold at French Bakeries.  (They sometimes have fruit as filling or Mocha flavored... but still... not sweet, just delicious).

Re: French? Cake?

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