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I may be naive, but really what is the point of a cake stand? If it's only to elevate the cake, then why can't I just put a box under it and drape some linen over it, then set the cake on top? I just can't understand paying $100 for a stand, especially when I will never have a cake that big again in my life.

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    that is actually a really good idea!  =)  great DIY project!  I would definitely use a wood box for like $10 or so at JoAnn's or Michaels, Hobby Lobby...and find the fabric in your colors and some candles and you'd be good to go!  =)  I think I may put that idea in my notes!  =)
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    you're not naive at all... I can honestly say that even as a baker/cake decorator, I see no use for a cake stand... in fact, I've only used a cake stand one time for a wedding (and will probably use it for my own wedding) because it was only a 2 teired cake and just looked better for photos if the bride and groom weren't hunched over to cut the cake... but cakes that are 3+ teirs do not necessarily need a stand... and yeah even i refuse to pay $100+ for a stand, the one that i have I paid $10 for at walmart
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    My thoughts exactly! For many years as a decorator, I often put a 2"-3" styrofoam dummy the same size as the cake board on the table, then draped chiffon or other linen over it (or it could be covered with a ribbon). It raised it just enough to make the cake "sit up and be noticed". And it was cheap. :o)
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    We are doing that with our cupcakes. We'll have several different elevations so they look "scattered" all over the table. I like it better than the more formal cake stand and it's not costing us a thing.
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    This is why Cake stands are a really good DIY project because the $100 ones are for people who've been sucked in by the wedding industry!
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