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2 tier cakes....what size?

It will serve 20 people...what sizes should I use for 2 different size cakes?

Re: 2 tier cakes....what size?

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    We are having a very small wedding to, with 25 guests at the most and we are doing two tier cake as well.  It will be a 10 inch and an 8 inch, you could aslo so a six instead of the 8 for a more dramatic difference between the tiers and it will still feed 20 people.  Hope this helps :)
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    6" and 10" Display it on a pretty pedestal cake plate to give it more "importance" and height.
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    FI and I are having 25 guests and are having a 10 inch & a 6 inch. We are not planning to save the top layer & will be serving it to our guests as well. Our cake should feed 45 people per our bakery. We got to see one the same size the day we did the tasting & it looked a lot larger than you'd imagine because the layers are so deep. I am providing cakes bagggies for guests to take home slices of cake because I know there will be leftovers.
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