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Hello everyone! My wedding is in the fall of 2010 and I'm trying to put together a moderate size wedding (130 people) and trying to keep costs down. Would a 3 or 4 tiered cake be enough as long as there is a sheet cake in the back? I don't think we want anything too elaborate and we're thinking of doing different flavor per tier. Can anyone give me a price estimate of what to expect? Thanks! Sarah

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    You should ask on your local board for pricing. This is a national board, so prices will be different in different areas. You can do the cake any way you want, as long as your baker and caterer (and venue) are all agreed on it (no idea what your vendor set up is like or if there are varying fees for things for you). Have a 2 tier cake for the front and 2 sheet cakes in the back if you are more concerned about pricing. More tiers = more money. More flavors may = more money depending on your baker. If you do multiple flavors in the tiers, what flavor will the sheet cake be?
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    my cake is 4 tiers and the bakery is saying feeds about 140 people and it's $6 per person. (pib if you want to see my cake). if you do the math it's not the cheapest cake ever. however, we are not doing a sheet cake, the cake should feed everyone just fine, so you should be able to do 2 tiers with probably 2 sheet cakes and it should be cheaper. but like PP said, check your local board because prices DO vary in different areas. HTH, good luck!
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    Our cake is $6 per serving, plus $5 per sugar flower. There is no other decorating cost (ours is also quite simple). We're having a four tier cake that serves 100'ish. The total cost is $664 including delivery, cake stand rental, and a free one year anniversary cake.
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    don't forget to see what your local grocery store can do as far as wedding cakes go.
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