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Groom's Cake/Cupcakes?

So my FI has always loved cupcakes. We are not sure what we are going to do on his groom's cake so I thought about having both a groom's cake and cupcakes on his table. When I told him this, he said that he thinks that cupcakes are cheap? I don't want this to be his only cake, he just loves funfetti cupcakes and I thought it would fill up the table. I had thought about having like a come-and-go help day the week of our wedding where those who want to help could just come and go thoughout the day to help make cupcakes, chocolate covered pretzels, or anything else that I may come up with between now and then. I even thought about getting little flags for the cupcakes with our monogram on it to dress them up. Do you think that cupcakes are cheap looking?
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Re: Groom's Cake/Cupcakes?

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    If you are already having a groom's cake, I'm not understanding why the cupcakes are necessary. Cupcakes are a trend and have been around for awhile.  I think it is in the eye of the beholder.  I do NOT want to offend anyone who has chosen them, and this is just my opinion - I don't get it.  I have attended weddings that have served cupcakes and I think it is one of those personal taste/choice things.  I wouldn't choose it for my wedding, but if someone else serves them, they won't hear a word from me. I don't find them to be cute, elegant, or trendy.  That is just MY opinion.  I don't get serving cupcakes at the most elegant party you will ever throw. Now - the cupcakes I've had at weddings have been pretty tasty, I'll say that.  It's like all the other details of a wedding.  The flowers, the music, the colors.  It is a personal taste thing.  I just don't get it.
  • wld4ubabaywld4ubabay member
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    I don't think cupcakes are cheap looking, but they are definitely more casual. At our second reception (we have a lot of family in NY that won;t make it down to TX for the wedding so we are driving to them) I am asking my MIL to have cupcakes instead of a cake because it has more of a backyard BBQ feel to it than wedding reception. OF cen some grooms cake's even at more formal weddings they are always more whimiscal and cheesy, and the opportunity to show his true personality. Personally at our wedding the grooms cake is going to be an icecream cake because mt FI LOVES them and doesn;t care too much for cake.
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    I dont think cupcakes are cheap, but if you want something new, I just found this site today and Im thinking of using them for my wedding. They are local to Austin, TX, but you may be able to find somehting similar in your area. It might be the next big trend!
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