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Help me find...

I love this peacock for my wedding cake, but I don't know where to find something like this. Can anyone help please? Thanks!

Re: Help me find...

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    i went and tried to look at the picture but it's telling me that they no longer have it. I'm sorry. Since I'm not really sure what it is there isn't much to say. If it's a picture of a cake, just bring it in to your bakery and tell them you wanted it look like this or want to have your personal touch to it. You can always bring in peacock things and tell them that you want your cake to have parts of this in there. I really hope I helped some.
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    oh no! It was there this morning. Oh well, you did help, that's a really good idea. Thank you!
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    I Googled "peacock wedding cake" and a few creative sources were listed.  There were some beautiful cakes shown on the different websites!  Maybe one will help you.  Best wishes.
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