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cupcake stand?

So we are you to have a 200 cupcake wedding cake with a small two tier cake on the top. So my question is would you use a premade cardboard cupcake tree or would you want to have a wooden one?

Re: cupcake stand?

  • In Response to Re:cupcake stand?:[QUOTE]I'd use a wooden one.nbsp; I would be worried the cardboard holder would not be sturdy enough.nbsp; It would really suck to have 200 cupcakes fall over during the reception. Posted by ILoveMilkDuds[/QUOTE]

    All of this. My FI is building us a wood tower. It will cost about 50 in materials.
  • Thats kind of what im worried about, i think i can made a wooden one for about the same amount  as buying a premade cardboard one and know it will be standing at the end
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