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Cake slices to take home

What size boxes do we need to offer our guests a piece of cake to take home?

I have found some that the dimensions sound correct 4X4x2 but two inches tall sounds short?

What size did you get?

Re: Cake slices to take home

  • janedoe1113ajanedoe1113a member
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    You should ask your baker how big their slices are and buy boxes based on that.  Each cake baker has different slice sizes.
  • LasairionaLasairiona member
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    If people don't eat the cake at the reception, they don't eat it when they take it home.

    Unless the baker sticks around at the reception to cut the cake to take home (and for dessert), the caterer has their own idea of what the proper size slice is. For wedding cake, the standard slice is 1" wide and 2" tall which is basically 2 bites. A birthday cake on the other hand is 2" square which is 4 bites.

    Many people say they have tons of cake leftover as is without ordering extra to take home (usually because the cake is bad). At the same time, other people say they ordered extra and ran out because it was so good. There really isn't any way to predict.

    However if you will be sending cake home, a Chinese takeout box is the perfect size as far as dimensions go. Don't order bags unless you want people to have messes to clean up. 2" tall for a box is way too short.
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