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DIY Cupcakes-can I freeze??

We've decided to make our own cupcakes for the wedding...does anyone know of a recipe that freezes well? I'm afraid making 200 cupcakes the day before my wedding will be too much of an undertaking...I have family that will help, but I still have this vision of myself standing in the middle of my kitchen on the verge of tears....covered in flour...

Re: DIY Cupcakes-can I freeze??

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    Personally, I don't think cupcakes freeze well, not matter what recipe you use.  Is it really worth the cost savings for the stress of having to do them yourselves?

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    i have eaten cupcakes that had been previously frozen and they tasted great.  just freeze them before you frost them.  sorry i can't help with a recipe though.  
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    Cupcakes freeze awesome! At the bakery we always get cupcakes in frozen, and I also frost them and freeze them as well!
    as for a recipe just use cake mixes! they always taste the best and are super moist!
    Just make sure you put them in air tight containers and in a freezer that doesn't have much condensation and you will be fine.
    Cupcakes take a LONG time, much longer then you anticipate...so for sure do them before!!!! good luck :)
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    While I don't think you should use a mix, I do agree with the above advice. Cupcakes freeze well as long as you keep them in airtight containers separated by flavors. Be sure to leave enough time to defrost before you ice them. I think you can definitely DIY them. I wish I had a recipe to give you!

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    Thank you so much ladies! I found several recipes in my Martha Stewart Cupcakes book that says you can freeze them for up to 2 months...I'm gonna do a test run this weekend and freeze them for 1 month, and see how that goes...defrost, frost, then taste!

    One more question: Any good recipes for frosting that is not disasterous on a warm day? Our wedding is on August 20, and I need a summer friendly frosting that won't melt!
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    Butter cream doesnt do well in high temps. You would do better with a whipped icing.
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    Preferably "fake" buttercream (the ones using vegetable shortening versus real butter) hold up well in the heat.  Don't sit them out in direct sunlight either way.  I imagine a hot cupcake wouldn't taste too well on a warm Summer's day.

    I definitely would NOT chance a "whipped frosting" for a Summer wedding in which heat plays a deciding factor on what frosting to use.  Most whipped frostings require refrigeration until the last minute.
  • Team_22Team_22 member
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    Any cupcake made with oil rather than butter should freeze just fine.  The frosting is always a challenge, especially when weather is involved, but I would recommend frosting them and then refrigerating them if space allows.  That way, the frosting is set up and has a longer way to go if it decided to melt.  I agree with Hydrophile that a "fake" buttercream, also called American buttercream or decorator buttercream, might have the best chances.  If you still need cupcake recipes, PM me.  I'm a professional baker with a few up my sleeve! :)
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    We are DIYing 300 cupcakes (that's the plan anyway). I stumbled upon this website. She has a crazy number of recipes, directions for freezing, and tips for doing your own for a wedding. She also has a ton of frosting and filling recipes. I thought it was a fun resource.

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