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Met a JP last night.

So FI and I went and met 1 JP so far. This one is on the list for venue as their top vendors for officiants. They have 3 that are raved about. And I decided to do a meet because, I really have no clue about this stuff. I really want to call my aunt and get her help. (She had a JP at her wedding a year ago)

So we went to JP's house for an informal interview. He looks like a skinny Santa Claus and very nice. He's also a priest too, which is...different. He said he is on leave of absense. FI loved him and they chatted away. I walked away feeling more confused.

To me, this simple ceremony seemed more not so simple. I wasn't expecting certain aspects and I'm now pondering more things and I really don't want more stress and thinking. (Planning a wedding and job hunting together are NOT fun)

So JP gave us a list of how his ceremony goes down. I will give that list in a second. Once read, I want your input because I really don't know how to focus and do this.

The list:
Welcome and Gathering Words
Reading 1 (step one of my Eeek moment)
Reading 2 (proceed to step two with a WTF who do I choose to do this and what)
Preface to vows (he gave a list of what is commonly used and we can repeat)
Vow exchange
Community Vows (he asks our guests if they will support us type vows. Never heard of this)
Ritual - unity candle; sand; water; flower/rose; letter in wine box (we can pick one, many, or none)
Ring exchange
Collection of good wishes

So to me, this seems more confusing then I thought. Has anyone met with a JP yet and or know more about them???
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