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Price for French Croquembouche puff pastries?

I'm looking for the average price of each puff pastry for a croquembouche.  I have an estimate from a vendor asking about $5.00/puff and I think this seems like a lot.  Anyone have experience with this or how much you paid for your croquembouche cake?  Thanks so much!

Re: Price for French Croquembouche puff pastries?

  • 5$ per seems insane to me. pate a cheau is cheap!!!depending on what they are filled with could be bumping your cost. also they could be building in the time it will take to create. are there a lot of bakeries in your area that offer this dessert. if they are the only ones that puts you at the mercy of their prices.

    good luck
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  • Thanks for your input. I agree that it seems spendy, but I'm stuck negotiating with her as she's the only one in the area that will make it.  I'm sure the time to make it is tedious but the filling must be relatively easy to produce.  Has anyone had much luck with negotiating down on price for cakes?
  • While I know they are generally tall & "showy", perhaps you could scale it down and do an additional offering that is less expensive? I agree, pastry puffs are pretty cheap, I've seen them in the freezer section of local grocery stores, pre-stuffed, in plastic boxes. I think they run about $3-$4 for a box of 24-36.

    See if the baker will allow you to supply the puffs you pre-purchase and then build it with those, and do the spun sugar. That would save you money and they might agree to it.

  • thejucheideathejucheidea East Nashville, Tennessee member
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    I've made a few croquembouche from scratch, and if you made it yourself from premade puff pastries, it wouldn't be very hard or expensive at all. Making the choux is what takes so damn long and is hair-pullingly annoying. See if your caterer is willing to use premade choux or think about maybe making it yourself.

  • heidimelissaheidimelissa member
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    I got an estimate in Baltimore for $3  per person, a traditional cake was $4.50.Good luck!
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