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Any advice on US eating?!

I hear from everyone that the bride & groom never get a chance to eat at their reception.  I really want to sit down & enjoy our meal rather than discovering half way thru the dance that I'm starving & the caterer is gone!  Any advice on making sure that my groom & I get to eat something?  We're having a buffet - someone suggested that I get a friend or bridesmaid to go get our plates and bring them to us....is that rude to ask of someone?  Any other tips?

Re: Any advice on US eating?!

  • You should definitely eat at your own wedding, we did.  We did table visits during the cocktail hour and in between courses.  I don't really get the concept of doing table visits while people are eating dinner.  If you have a coordinator, have them get you a plate first.
  • We went through the buffet first with our coordinator (she helped serve us and keep us focused on getting food).  You should also make sure the staff knows not to clear your plate right away if it is unattended.

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    We ate at our wedding.  Except for the sushi during the cocktail hour. Stupid pictures got in the way--- LOL.

    Most couples I know to get to eat.  It maybe faster than the average guest, but they eat.  ::shugs::

    What differentiates an average host and a great host is anticipating unexpressed needs and wants of their guests.  Just because the want/need is not expressed, doesn't mean it wouldn't be appreciated. 
  • We had no problem eating either.  We were served at our table and then the guests went to the buffets.
  • Our guests were so eager to talk to us. They came up to our table and were hugging us, etc, as we had plates of food in front of us. Of course, our photographer wanted to get some pictures of us interacting with those guests, and I didn't want to stuff my face while getting pictures taken of me/hugging guests. SOOOO we didn't eat much if at all. Depending on the guests, you may need to quite literally get out of sight in a side room with DH for ten minutes or so and eat some dinner.
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    My H and I made damn sure we ate.  We loved the food during our tasting and certainly didn't want to miss it on our wedding day.  Our staff came up to us right as we sat down and asked what we would like (we had stations) and they served us straight away.  Because of this H and I had a chance to eat our food (even have seconds) while everyone else was up getting their plates filled.

    Honestly, I know the guests are excited for the couple and want to stop and say hi and congratulate them, but as a person who has been to many weddings, I find that guests who do this while the couple tries to eat are rude.  Give the couple a chance to sit, eat, and enjoy each other before getting in their face.  Geesh!

  • Have your coordinator get plates for you, or the serving staff do it before they open the buffet.

    We had served plates, but we got served first, so we got to eat first, then go around and do table visits during the rest of the meal.
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  • We had a sweetheart table and had no problem eating. No guests bothered us during that time. We did have a bridal assistant whose sole purpose was to bring us whatever food & drinks we wanted. So we told her what we wanted & she got it for us. One of the servers at your facility should be able to do that for you. 
  • Oh trust me.. I ate!!  Two thirds of our budget went to the food (we had our wedding at a high end restauran) so you better believe we made the time to eat :)   Our food came out first so by the time we finished each course the guests were still eating which gave us time to go table to table to greet them. We had a few come up to our table to offer congrats, take pictures etc but not enough that we couldn't eat.  That said, we did take 2 hours to eat 4 courses too :)

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  • I didn't eat much at our wedding but that had more to do with simply being too excited! I had made sure to have a breakfast and lunch so I honestly just wasn't all that hungry between the excitement and having eaten during the day. I had some food and did sit down to eat it and my husband definitely ate but I probably had more cake than anything else, lol! 
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