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Food and Cakes

Our fabulous dessert idea!

I just wanted to share our great dessert idea! I have some friends who opened a self-serve frozen yogurt place in town a few years ago and last year they started doing mobile events and had been approached about doing a wedding, so they're starting to do weddings now. So, we're of course hiring them because we love them! Everyone gets a 6oz serving and can then pile on as much toppings (we get 5) as they want! We can even choose up to 8 flavors and if we don't serve it all, no big deal, they'll use it in the store!

We're not cake fans (I even own a bakery), so we didn't really want cake. I'm making a small cutting cake so we can have that tradition, but then we're breaking all the rules. :) I just wanted to share because we are so excited for this!
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Re: Our fabulous dessert idea!

  • In Response to Re: Our fabulous dessert idea!:
    [QUOTE]Don't think you thought about people who may not be able to eat ice cream/yogurt due to lactose intolerance or stuff like that? It's fine if you want to provide this but you should still have wedding cake too.
    Posted by cwill6212[/QUOTE]

    What abo weddings that only have cake but some guests can't eat it because of an egg or gluten allergy? If the OP is being sensitive to the diets of her guests in the actual dinner part,I don't think she needs to worry if someone can eat ice cream or not.

    OP- if you want ice cream instead of cake, go for it! I just don't understand having a cake cutting too? Could you do a little spoon of ice cream with your husband instead? It would make more sens.
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