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XP: Friend making cake-cost and contract questions

FI and I have a friend who's an amazing baker and will graduate from pastry school in the next year. We decided to have her make cupcakes for our wedding, and she's on board as long as we can find her a kitchen big enough (which I think we can).

I definitely want to sign a contract, both for our protection and hers, but I'm not sure what all needs to be included in that, and I'm not sure she will either, because this isn't something she's done in any sort of offcial capacity before.

I also want to figure out what to pay her. Of course we'll pay whatever the cost of the materials to make the cupcakes, but what should I pay per cupcake on top of that? (The wedding will hopefully be around 100-120 people, but aboslutely no more than 150) What's about an average price?

Any advice much appreciated!

Re: XP: Friend making cake-cost and contract questions

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    Well to find average prices of individual cupcakes check out your local bakeries.  But since your friend will not have the same overhead as those bakeries (rent, labor, gas and electric, insurance, etc) I would suggest taking those prices that you find and cutting them in half.  Personally I would say $1 a cupcake would be a good price.

    As for the contract, I don't think you will need anything super involved.  Just make sure to include date of the wedding, price and delivery time.  I would probably have your friend breakdown the cost of everything such as ingredients, supplies needed, etc.  So that if there is any discrepancy later on you will have it documented.

    I would also include a due date for payment and a possible deposit so that she can use that money to purchase whatever ingredients are needed.

    And make sure you both sign it.

  • Here are a few templates for catering contracts. Obviously, you won't need everything in here, but it's a good place to start:



    I would pay more like $2-$3 per cupcake, because I know cupcakes in my area go for $4+. You might also have her tell you how much she'll spend on ingredients and come to an agreement about a certain percentage over that amount you'll give her in profit.

    I would also have some kind of disclaimer about any kind of food born illness or problem. If you are getting married at a venue, do they allow you to bring in food? If so, do they require you to carry insurance? If so, that's good. If not, I would suggest getting a policy since it sounds like your baker doesn't have one. Or have her assume the responsibility for any action that comes from problems with her product. But honestly, an insurance policy is a few hundred bucks, so if I were you, I would just get it for the event as a whole rather than making her get one.
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