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Sugar Free Cake?

A number of my aunts and uncles on my dad's side of the family are diabetic. FI and I are having a four-tier wedding cake, but I was wondering if I should provide some sort of sugar-free option for my father, step-mother, and aunts? 

I have a couple of concerns: I'm not sure if sugar-free cake tastes exists, or if it tastes good; if I give them a different sugar-free dessert (pie? ice cream?) they will stand out from everyone else eating cake, which might cause awkwardness; I don't want to be a bad host and not give them dessert; I'm concerned about other people taking advantage of the sugar-free option as a "healthy option" and choosing that over wedding cake. 

The cake we have now has 188 slices, but the top layer is going in a freezer box for me and FI. We are expecting between 120 and 150 guests. 

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Re: Sugar Free Cake?

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    I'd present the guest with a little sugar free cake or cupcake! I think that they would be  thrilled and it will be a really "sweet" sentiment :-)
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    Ask your baker what they can do that's sugar-free and taste it before committing to it.
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    I am in a similar situation with my family except the have celiac disease. We are getting them gluten free cupcakes. You could do the same except sugar free. Just talk to your baker and see what they can do.

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    Talk to your baker/caterer and see what they could do. So many people have dietary restrictions, I'm sure they'd know how to accomodate it.
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    I think it's a good idea to offer a smaller sugar-free or reduced sugar cake for the diabetics. I would tell those people ahead of time (since they sound like close family members) they have access to it, but not offer it to everyone.As far as taste, Splenda makes a baking mix, tastes just like sugar and makes a delicious cake.  You can get a taste test from the baker, or make a cake/cupcakes yourself to double check the flavor.
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    Maybe it's possible to get a portion of your cake sugar free.  As in, have multiple separate tiers, and have one whole tier be sugar free.  I have diabetics on my dad's side, and every time they serve dessert, it doesn't taste nearly as good as regularly fatty, sugary stuff.
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