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Original Cake Ideas for a Perfectionist/Cake Decorator

Hi Ladies!

I am looking for a super fun and creative idea of our wedding cake! I really want to and feel like I have to do something original because I myself make cakes and cupcakes (on the side) and have done weddings, showers, specialty cakes, ect so EVERYONE I know is asking me if I am making my own cake. I'm not crazy... so I'm NOT making my own cake but since I'm not making it, I really want it to be a show stopper of some sort :)

I've thought about doing centerpiece cakes and I've seen some BEAUTIFUL ones, but there are only 8 guests per table (venue's tables) so for 200 people that would be A LOT of cake (aka toooo much). I've looked through countless books, blogs, postings, pictures, and cannot find anything that is the IT cake! Our colors are apple green, fushia, and gray. Hoping you ladies have been to a wedding where you saw something great or have stumbled upon something equally as awesome!

Thank you :)

Re: Original Cake Ideas for a Perfectionist/Cake Decorator

  • We did centerpiece cakes, but they were smaller (we had 8 per table too).  Pics in bio.
  • your cakes (and wedding) was beautiful! :) did it feel like there was too much cake or cake everywhere, hehe? also, do you know if your baker did 6in or 8in rounds for each table?

    i do like the idea of centerpiece cakes since we can have our baker do a lot of different flavors and i thought it would be nice if we "cut" the cake at each table but then we have an excuse to keep moving through to the next table to cut their cake to keep visits shorter ;) did you do anything like that?
  • Is there a theme for the wedding, other than your chosen colors?

    Are you open to cupcakes as well, or did you only want cake?
  • I guess Im crazy lol... I am making my own cake because I make cakes on the side as well but its what I really want to do with my life (I even went to culinary school for pastry and baking) so I personally couldnt imagine not doing my own cake. 

    Mine is going to be 3-4 tiers (undecided yet) covered in thin horizontal stripes of varying shades of greens, black and white. and covered in pulled sugar flowers. Im trying to stay away from "typical" wedding style cake decorations (white fondant, quilting,swags, real or gumpaste flowers, swirled piping, ribbon). I do love the way flowers look on the cake so I am doing pulled sugar because I know how to do pulled sugar. 

    Ask whoever it is doing your cake and see what type of skills they have and try to incorparate it into the cake. Do they know who to work with chocoate (make sculputures or candies etc...), can they pull sugar or make amazing gumpaste flowers etc...
    Pumpernickel and olive juice
  • rascal17, that is awesome you are doing your own cake! sorry for the crazy comment, you aren't :) and your design sounds beautiful! :) i thought about it for a long time before we got engaged, but then after we were engaged the stress of everything else meant that I didn't want to be worrying about when i was going to find time to make the cake too, that and our venue won't allow it since i'm not technically a licensed vendor. i'm still arguing with them about doing homemade cookies in the welcome hotel bags, ugh.

    our wedding doesn't have a theme really in addition to the colors, but I want the feel to be very fun and modern. the hotel we are having the reception at is brand new and very modern (no outdated floral here!) :-) i've thought about cupcakes, but having been to several weddings where cupcakes were served instead of cake, even the best baker can make some dry cupcakes (since there's less wiggle room with cupcakes than cake for being overdone!)

    at least i have just over 11 months to figure this all out! thank you ladies :)
  • Too each their own. Im having a very casual wedding so to me doing my own cake is not to stressful plus I have a lot of help from my family so they can take cake of other details while I figure out how and when to transfer my cake (I am still working on that detail). 

    Just figure out what is the normal for your group of guests and stay away from that if you want something original. My group of guests are very traditional and old school when it comes to cakes so to them this will be very original and amazing
    Pumpernickel and olive juice
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