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Sugar-Free Wedding Cake

Ok so I'm not having much luck here... Does anyone know of any bakery in San Diego that is able to make sugar free cakes?  My fiance is diabetic, and can not have sugar, and I would LOVE for us to be able to have our cake AND eat it too (haha), so any tips/help would be much appreciated.

Re: Sugar-Free Wedding Cake

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    Do you have any organic food co-op's in your area? The should be able to make you a cake. THe one I go to where I live makes fabulous decorated cakes, their tofu cheesecake is awsome, actually it was better then a creamcheese one. That was the first time I had anything with tofu in. I am far from the "granola hippy" stereo type. :)
    The cakes of course won't be made out of tofu, but I know our makes sugar free and gluten free cakes.  Our also has a cateirng dept. so you may want to see if one close by you has one as well. They could make a real nicely decorated one for you and your groom and have someone else do sheet cakes for the guest of just reg. cakes.
    Here's a link to all the co-op:
     I hope you will be able to get the cake you want. Most bakeries should be able to do it as well. Good luck.
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    I'm sure virtually any bakery could accommodate your request, but I too agree that it wouldn't be a bad idea to check out a local co-op too. There's one here that's well known for gluten free and vegan cakes for the sake of example.
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    Well, alas, there is no such thing as a TRUE "sugar-free" cake.  Most bakeries will get around this by saying "no sugar added cake" which means they didn't use granulated or brown sugar in the recipe, but depending on how diabetic your fiancé is will really determine the cake including fructose, sugars from the flour, etc. 

    Your best bet (if you can) is to find a "no sugar added" or "low sugar" cake instead of a "sugar free" cake (which is impossible.)

    ANY good baker should be able to do a tasty "no sugar added" or "low sugar" cake. 
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