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cupcakes or cake

I want a regular wedding cake and my FI wants cupcakes. But I am afraid that some guest will eat the cupcakes before we cut the cake... I do not know what to do!

Re: cupcakes or cake

  • Only thing I can think of is not to put them out until you're ready to cut the cake.

    Or just pick one or the other, not both.

    But really, what's the big deal if they do? 
  • We had a cupcake tower with a small cake on top to cut.  None of our guests ate the cupcakes until after we cut the top tier.  Most people know that you don't start digging into the cake until the bride and groom have made the first slice...same goes with a cupcake tower.

  • We are going with the cupcake tower also. At first we were going to try to use them as centerpieces and get a  double use out of them, but we were afraid there wouldnt be any left by the time we cut the cake.
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