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Pick-up Cupcakes day before wedding, storage ideas?

We are having a Sunday wedding. The cupcake shop we have picked is not open on Sunday. We have elected to pick up our cupcakes on Saturday afternoon. 

I wasn't at all worried until I bought a dozen cupcakes this weekend. When I couldn't eat them all, I saved 1/2 a dozen in the box overnight. The next morning the frosting had become hard on the outside!!!!! 

I'm so worried about serving old/dried out cupcakes at our wedding!!! Has anyone run into this situation before? Any suggestions?? 

Re: Pick-up Cupcakes day before wedding, storage ideas?

  • In all honesty, your bakery will have the best advice based on what kinds/flavors you have chosen.  I'm sure they would be happy to advise you.
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    I agree that your bakery would have the best suggestions.  Perhaps once they box the cupcakes, they can wrap them again in a Saran-type of wrap to help keep them fresh.  It is in their best interest as well as yours for the bakery to help you retain freshness, as it is their name on the product.

    Another thing you could try, assuming keeping the cupcakes "air tight" is the best way to go, is to use this type of container......
    to store them overnight.  You could store a lot in just a few containers. It would also facilitate the transport of the cupcakes to your venue.   I often use my larger, round plastic serving bowls to store my cakes.  I place the cake on the lid, and close the container by placing the bowl, inverted, up and over the cake.  It really keeps the cake fresh.
  • I agree that you need to ask your baker how they store it. They likely have air tight containers. You must have a small guest list, because I know I wouldn't have enough room to store that many cupcakes! 
  • As someone who is obsessed with cupcakes. I'd suggest talking with your baker, however, in my experience, day old cupcakes haven't been even close to as good as fresh, day of cupcakes. You may want to consider a different option...
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  • Talk with your baker.  Maybe they can put the cupcakes in clam shell containers because that will keep the cupcakes really moist.  Also, make sure you don't pick any fillings or icings that need refrigerated unless you have the space for them.

    If the bakery won't put the cupcakes in clam shells you can buy them here:

  • How hard are you talking? Buttercream will "crust" a little as it sets, but should still give easily. The culprit is air, and cupcakes and their frosting are far more susceptible to exposure than cake (generally once you ice a cake it takes a lot longer to dry out... Cupcakes can dry out in less than a day if they aren't sealed.) Like PPs have said, an airtight, plastc clamshell container works SO much better than a box. (think of how grocery stores display cupcakes). You can wrap a box in plastic wrap as an alternative, but it's hard to avoid tumbling the cupcakes and getting a good airtight seal. Some places sell tupperware-esque cupcake carriers, but they generally only hold a dozen and can easily cost 15 dollars depending on where you shop.
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  • I agree with PP -- talk with your baker and see what they recommend.  I wouldn't buy fillings that need to be refrigerated either.  Baked goods and breads tend to stale much more rapidly when placed in the fridge.
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