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How much wine/beer would you buy?

We're inviting approximately 115 adults to our wedding (kids too but obviously that doesn't apply to this question).  The reception will last from 5-11 with dinner/dancing.  The city we're having the reception in doesn't allow hard liquor to be served (it's a city golf club) so we're only serving beer and wine.  There will also be soda, punch, coffee and water.  Not all of the adults are drinkers, but obviously some will drink more.  We have to provide the wine ourselves all other beverages are provided by the caterer/reception site and we do need to let them know how many beer kegs we'll want.  I don't want to wait for the rsvp's to come in as we'd like to buy the wine when it's on sale.  I'm guesstimating 85 adults will attend (75%).

1.)  how many bottles of wine would you estimate?  (we're going to do one red and one white).
2.)  how much beer would you request (we can buy it by the 1/2 or whole keg)?

I don't mind over estimating on the wine as we can return it or use it up over time.

Thoughts?  I find the online calculators incredibly confusing.


Re: How much wine/beer would you buy?

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    For wine I'd go with 1.5 glasses per hour per of age person (it ought to work out when heavy drinkers are balanced out with beer only/non-drinkers).  A bottle is about 4 glasses. A case is 12 bottles.  So....about 21 cases of wine.  I'd choose how much red v. white depending on the time of year of the wedding.  Spring/summer?  I'd go with about 12 white and 9 red.  Vice versa for fall/winter. 

    I'd get 3 kegs. 
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    We had beer, wine and  a signature drink for our wedding in August. We had 80 adults.

    Our reception lasted about the same amount of time as yours

    We had 24 varied bottles of wine, various reds, various whites, some dessert wines and champagne. I think we had 5 bottles left

    We had a "pony keg" and to my knowledge it did not run out before the end of the evening.

    There was quie a bit of the signature drink left over (i was "loaded lemonade").

    My recommendation would be to go to a wine cellar/store and ask their wine manager. That's what we did.
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    Thanks to both of you.  This is very helpful.  The wedding is in February (in Minnesota) so yes, likely more red than white wine.  I appreciate both of your help.  My fiance doesn't really he's sort of left this part completely on my shoulders.  I'm just really worried that we won't have enough.  My sister is getting married the following summer so I can likely sell any extra wine to them (also a bring your own wine location). 

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    A lot of wine stores let you return unopened bottles too. Better err on the side of too much, right?
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    Our venue told us that for every 100 people you need:

    1 case (12 bottles) each of white, red, and rose wine
    1 keg

    From what I've heard, Sam's Club, if there's one in your area, will take back unopened bottles of wine.
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    Very helpful thread.  I'm only having about 25 guests but I was able to quarter the above.  Now I just have to decide which reds and whites I want.  :) 
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    Thank you all.  There's a big wine sale going on this week at the liquor store near my house.  We're going to go in and talk to the manager and hopefully purchase our wine.  Your advice has been very helpful.

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