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Ice Cream and Coffee Bar Ideas?

Hi all, 

My FI and I are having a small-ish casual summer wedding, with a reception in the late evening. Because we're trying to keep the cost down, we're opting to do dessert: a make-your-own sundae bar, as well as a gourmet coffee bar. Two of our favorites. 

We're looking into hiring a caterer (who is also a close family friend), but he's never done either of these before. We're sure he's capable of handling the task, but might be low on ideas for what to feature at the bars. 

We've chosen mint-chocolate chip, vanilla, (and for the lactose intolerant) rasperry sorbet for the ice cream. 
Aaaand we're hoping to do a dark and light roast coffee, and a decaf option. As well as chai, and black tea (maybe?) available. 

So, two questions! What toppings would you as a guest like to see on a sundae bar? And what options, flavorings, condiments, etc. could we add to the coffee bar to make it gourmet?


Re: Ice Cream and Coffee Bar Ideas?

  • As an extra enhancer my venue offered a coffee bar with the following choices:

    Array of Flavored Liqueurs & Freshly Brewed Coffee with Chocolate Cordial Cups,
    Cinnamon, Shaved Chocolate, & Whipped Cream: Amaretto, Baileys Irish Cream,
    Frangelico, Jameson Irish Whiskey, Kahlua, Sambuca, & Tia Maria. The chocolate cordial cups look really cool if you google them.

    As far as the ice cream sundae bar: Crumbled Oreos, toasted coconut, cherries, choc syrup, whipped cream, sprinkles
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    For the ice cream bar I would love to have chocolate syrup (maybe include a butterscotch syrup and caramel as well), nuts, whipped cream, sprinkles, and seasonal fruit. Maybe add in some mini M&Ms, gummies, crushed oreos, and crushed candy bars (butterfinger, heath, etc). I think that sounds great!

    Not sure about the coffee bar since I don't drink coffee but I know that I have seen people buy several different types of syrup to put into it like at a cafe.


  • To be honest I do not drink coffee and I'm not really a sundae fan. 

     In the rare event, I would have one It would be vanilla ice cream with m&ms or chocolate sauce.

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  • Check out what Coldstone Cremery offers for their toppings. You'll probably have to downsize, but that will give you some ideas.

    I was at a wedding with a coffee bar that had rock candy/sugar sticks to stir into the coffee, plus chocolate shavings, whipped cream, caramel sauce, traditional sugar/raw sugar/equal/splenda. Syrups would be nice for that, too. Vanilla, raspberry, hazelnut.
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  • We had a sundae bar, and had all the toppings mentioned above. And I also agree, Magic Shell is very weird, but I love it. I personally love crushed Heath Bars.  

    We also had raspberry sorbet, and it was delicious.

    You didn't mention having any drinks, but we had champagne as one of the choices for our wines, and I had the ice cream "scooper" put a scoop of raspberry sorbet into my champagne flute, and we poured champagne over was heavenly. Kind of like an "adult float".

    I think the recommendations above are good for the coffee bar.
  • Hot fudge is a must for the sundae bar, also like cubed brownies/pound cake and fresh fruit.  Of all the elaborate combinations I've seen at Coldstone Creamery, my standing favorite is raspberry sorbet with either mini chocolate chips or brownie bits.  Salty options are good, too (nuts, pretzels) -- delicious with ice cream, and possible munchies to balance the sweets.

    Sue, I've had a similar "float" with ginger ale and it was amazing ... also seen "recipes" for champagne over three flavors of sorbet (raspberry, mango, etc.). 

    For the coffee bar, definitely whipped cream and maybe some syrups?  Since it's summer, maybe have iced coffee/chai (chilled coffee, milk/cream and frozen coffee cubes) as an option?
  • I don't know anyone who drinks coffee late in the evening.  I know you said you'd have decaf too, but a coffee bar sounds more like an afternoon thing to me rather than something at night.  I'd suggest booze instead.  Or even juice, or some other drink instead.  
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