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Grooms Cake??

I have been purchasing The Knot magazine religiously and in the most recent edition, there was mention of a Groom's Cake. I apologize for sounding stupid, but what is it and are we supposed to get one??

Re: Grooms Cake??

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    A groom's cake started as a southern tradition and gained popularity in the rest of the country after Steel Magnolias was released.  It's a second cake that is usually fun and meaningful to the groom (eg. college mascots, favorite team stadium, favorite activity, etc.)  It's also a good way to add another cake flavor for the guests to choose for dessert.

    Some brides surprise their husbands with the cake.  Personally, I'm not a fan of that.  FI has known for a while exactly how he wants his cake and he had a lot of fun planning it.

    It can be served at either the rehearsal dinner or the wedding.  Ours will be sitting right next to the wedding cake.  I want all of our guests, not just those at the RD, to see the cake.

    A groom's cake isn't required but it's fun and one of the few things in a wedding that really belong to just the groom.  They aren't expensive either.  Most that I've seen on here and IRL have been under $100.
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    exactly what PP said. Talk to your baker about a grooms cake because if they do wedding cakes then they should do grooms cake. Grooms cake can be anything your heart desires, I seen some really fancy elegant all chocolate designs to the crazy ones that are shaped like stadiums and other things the groom loves. 

    I will be serving my.. er I mean our... grooms cake at the wedding. I am making my own wedding cake (I make cakes on the side) and Im really attached to the design I thought up and wouldnt let hubby have any input so he will be designing his owns groom cake that I will also be making.
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    We're having ours at the rehearsal dinner.
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    My FI is a HUGE Marvel comics fan and his hero is Spiderman so I'll be surprising him with a Spiderman cake at the reception. The pics will be priceless!!
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    Yep, it's usually just a cutsey cake for the groom. We're also serving ours at the wedding.

    My guy is into bodybuilding and hitting the gym so i'm going to get ours in the shape of some plates (like to put on barbells) and that part is a secret, but I did let him pick his own flavor, it's going to be chocolate bavarian and our "wedding cake" will be french vanilla and lemon.

    They're usually much smaller and simpler than a wedding cake so they don't cost too terribly much.
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    I surprised my husband with a Superman cake since our wedding was all pink. It was so cute and delicious! 
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    I'm thinking of making my FI's grooms cake. He doesn't really care for regular cake too much though, so I'm thinking of doing a cheesecake & using food coloring, etc to decorate it like a basketball. =]

    If it turns out alright, it should cost me less than $10! lol Unless I screw it up & have to remake it...which is a great possibility hahah.
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    They are not necessary at all. I have still never been to a wedding that had one.

    But if you and your FI want one - go for it!

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