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Looking for creative ideas for a lunch menu!!

I am having a semi formal/casual reception lunch on the lake, and I am looking for some interesting ideas for my menu. The catch is my family are totally foodies and love the more formal, extravagant food. But my fi family thinks most typically wedding food is too ritsy and won't eat it. Their more laid back BBQ style! The other thing is I'm having it outside on the lake in a tent at the end of July so it will be hot! So I don't want to over do it and have a lot of heavy options! We are also going out on a 2 hour cruise around the lake after lunch and that's where will be doing are cake cutting! I deffinetly don't want any one to get sea sick either! Any ideas? I would really appreciate the input, thanks!!
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Re: Looking for creative ideas for a lunch menu!!

  • ShakeUpTampaShakeUpTampa member
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    I do love he idea of grilled cheese triangles of a shot glass of tomato soup....but doesn't fit my theme lol
    Nichole Tampa, FL BabyFetus Ticker
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    Lucky for you,  homey-style, rustic, BBQ-y foods are all the rage on the culinary scene lately, but they're usually offered with a twist.  Here's the link to the menu of one of the best "foodie BBQ/comfort food" restaurants I know of.  I am pretty sure they're a little far away from you for catering, but the menu should give you some EXCELLENT ideas that would please both the foodies and the non-foodies alike. 

  • Raquel928Raquel928 member
    edited December 2011
    Ok, thanks to the both of you for the great ideas!
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    What about sliders with sweet potato fries.... fun food just plated "ritzier" ; )
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