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Prepping Fried Foods

Were (mom, grandmom) DIY on the food and were having Southern Food. Were having fried chicken and catfish. My question is how far in advance can you make and store the fired foods where they will still be tasty and somewhat crispy? I know that you will loose some crispiness. But I waas thinking maybe 3 days ahead and then wrapping them in foil in fridge and then using the oven at the reception site to warm them? Any ideas? Thanks!

Re: Prepping Fried Foods

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    I agree with everything Milkduds said. If you wanna DIY southern food I'd avoid frying if you can't do it the day of the wedding. There are tons of other options: gumbo, shrimp and grits, jambalaya, pulled pork, BBQ ribs just to name a few that would probably hold up better if you have to make it a few days ahead of time. As you pointed out in your question, you definitely lose the flavor and texture of fried foods when they get reheated.
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    I would go for some non-fried options.  What about gumbo or jambalaya?  you can do pulled pork and collard greens.  Even chicken wings on the grill.

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    I think you really need to have all this catered.  It sounds like too much hassle to do it yourself.  Are you going to be shoving cold chicken in an oven in your wedding dress, when you should be paying attention to your guests?  Or are you going to use your family and friends as slave labor to do it for you?  You'd need to hire people anyway to set it out, and make sure it's kept at the proper temperature (food poisoning!)  Fried chicken really needs to be fresh to be good and crispy.  3 day old fried chicken would REALLY squick me out, and I might not eat it if I knew.  Please just cater it, or find something less complicated to serve.
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