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Bar / Bartender Rental Cost - Northern NJ

I'm trying to get an idea of how much it will cost to rent a fully-stocked bar and bartender (or possibly 2) for a wedding in Northern NJ.  The location I'm considering does not have an on-site bar or caterer.  I'll have approx 150 guests at my wedding.   I'm not sure where to even start looking.  Any help would be appreciated (estimated costs, suggestions, etc)!

Thank you!

Re: Bar / Bartender Rental Cost - Northern NJ

  • I have no clue because our place came with that, but if you post on the NJ board, you'll have better luck with this. It's under Local Wedding Boards.
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    I got married in South Jersey and our alcohol costs about $1800-2000 for 140 guests.  That was for a  2- 4.5 hour top shelf open bars. We had to have at least 2 of everything. 

     We were able to return any bottles we didn't open, so that helped with ordering.

    Our bartenders were from the venue at a cost of $30+ per hour for 8 hours.  We also gave them a tip.  (we really were not sure how much of the $30ph they actually got because we paid the venue directly for that charge.

    We could have spent less if we choose fewer less expensive options, but our VIPs all drink higher end liquors so we went that route.

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