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How much cake?

Hi Ladies,

For you married Knotties. How much cake did you order? I've seen it recommended that you need not order enough so each person has a slice since a lot of people don't eat it. But what is a safe amount? I don't want anyone to go without if they wanted cake, but I don't want tons leftover either.

Re: How much cake?

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    I hear a three tier cake feeds about a hundred people. Also many people will get whatever size cake they want and then have sheets of the cake in the back just for serving which i think is the best idea.
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    We did one cake on each table - and each table sat eight guests.  We had four inch high, six inch across cakes and everyone got some.
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    We went with our baker's recommendations and ordered the sizes they recommended for 150 people (with a little extra since we didn't have a groom's cake).  We only ended up with 110 guests and it ended up being way, way too big.  I was actually going to change the contract to make it smaller but FMIL had paid the balance early so I just left it.  Everyone got 2 pieces and we brought an entire tier of it home, plus our topper.
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    We had a three-tier cake that was supposed to feed 100 guests.  We had 90 guests, and we had a TON of cake left over plus we kept the top tier.  Many people tried both flavors, so it was definitely plenty of cake.
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