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Food and Cakes

How much did you spend on your cake?

Trying to get a rough idea, started pricing places today and we're looking at having to spend over $400 for 75-100 people, plus deposits and delivery fees.  I'm just wondering if this is normal? We're going for three tier, buttercream, nothing crazy!  Thanks!! :)
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Re: How much did you spend on your cake?

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    Right now our estimate is at $513 for 190 servings (grooms cake is $75 however as we're serving that at the reception, it should reduce the servings we need for the main cake).

    I believe our baker is $2.85 per serving for traditional flavors or $3.20 if we want to go with the more elborate flavors.

    Our design is really simple - 3 layers, buttercream, ribbon around the bottom of each layer with small calla lilies on each layer.

    Fondant and intricate designs will often up the price.

    If it's $400 for 100 that equals out to $4 per serving. Cake pricing varies based on locations. My area seems to be about spot on for the $2.85 per serving where as other locations (maybe say New York or CA), you may get up to $7 or $8 per serving. So $4 per serving may be the norm in your area - I don't know if you could check in on your local board to get an idea of what other people are paying per serving and that should give you a good idea if they are low-middle-high end.

    But it's pretty much to be expected to pay a lot for cake - ingredients, overhead (rent, licensing, electricity, etc), and also profit.

    I would definitely check with your local board to see what the average price per serving is and definitely call around.
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  • all depends on where you are. Our cake will be a 3 tier "topsy/turvy or whimsical" all buttercream with some hand piping. We are allowed to have as many flavor combinations as we want and we will have fillings on all 3 layers. Delivery is included in the fee but not cutting/serving. All together will cost us 436.
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  • I posted in the local boards, thank you!! :)
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  • I only spent $250 on my cake+grooms cake because I had a friend do it for me. But average cake costs in our area was about $2-3 a slice.

  • 4 tier chocolate with ivory buttercream frosting, simple decorations, $400 including tax and delivery. It was delicious and it looked wonderful.
  • $150 for a three tiered vanilla almond cake with buttercreamfrosting.  We used live roses as decoration.
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  • It will be about $6/slice, including about 1/3 sheet cake. Tiered cake is maybe $8/slice. We checked out 3 bakeries and $6-7/slice was the pretty consistent price for our very simple design. We only looked at specialty bakeries with a retail component - no grocery store bakeries or at-home professionals.
  • Along with prices differing based on your area, it also really depends on the bakery.  We went to 4 different bakeries before deciding.  For the exact same design and very similar flavors, we got very different quotes.  The bakery we choose will end up costing about $600.  This is for a 4 tiered, 150 serving cake with 3 different flavors, buttercream icing, and some intricate piping.  The other 3 quotes we got were $1100, $950, and $350 (crazy, huh?).  

    We went with the $600 bakery because not only was their cake amazing, but they have an excellent reputation, and were extremely knowledgeable about exactly how they would design and construct our cake.  Hope this helps!!
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  • Nothing really.  The dinner selection we chose from out caterer came with dessert.  We asked instead if he could make a two tier round chocolate cake for about 40.  I'm going to decorate it with a few flowers so it will be pretty. 
  • The two places we're looking at have quoted us around 750-1000 dollars depending on final flavors, etc. 

    My friend used a different bakery and their cake to feed 100 was about $450. 
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  • Thank you everyone!! :)
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  • for most butter cream cakes you shouldnt have to pay anymore than 2.75 per person. and for fondont cakes you should pay about 3.25 per person. unless you are looking for somthing elaberate, then it would be more. also dont forget you dont cut the top teer of the cake, its usually saved for your first anniversary so if you are going to be keeping it than u will probably want a 4 teer cake instead of a 3 teer
  • Co-worker is doing my cake (hallelujah!) for $90 - 2-tier - allows for at least 60 to eat from. The rest - Costco sheet cakes. :)

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