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How many glasses..

Hi all, my vendor majorly dropped the ball on ordering my champagne, and it's only 10 days until my wedding. I'm a 'plan for the worst' kind of girl, so i'm working on the assumption they won't pull through for me.

In the event I need to go secure a batch of champagne on my own, how many bottles would you recommend for 75 ppl to do one round? How many glasses of champagne are in a regular bottle?
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Re: How many glasses..

  • lyndausvilyndausvi Western Slope, Colorado mod
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    You can get about 8 1/2 glasses out of a bottle.  It's better to pour 1/2 glasses because a lot of people only take a sip.   So that would be about 9 bottles.   Get a few extra for those who like to drink more.

    However, 10 days should be plenty of time to order champagne.

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  • Just get a case (12 bottles).  Most wine stores will let you return any unopened bottles. Some stores offer a discount on cases. 

    I agree with Lynda, though.  It should take all of ten minutes for a reputable vendor to procure enough champagne for a champagne toast for 75.
  • Thanks guys! The vendor did come through. Whew! Good info to know for the future though!
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