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Veggie Etiquette

My fiancee and I have enough friends that are veggie/vegan/gluten-free that when we planned the menu we decided to have individual wedding cakes on each table and we would seat all of the above mentioned groups together and make a vegan cake for them specifically. 

We are also having an Irish/Scottish/Celtic themed wedding and our menu includes:  Shepherd's Pie, Chicken Pot Pie, Colcannon, Roasted Red Potatoes, Guinness Meatballs, Irish Bangers (Sausages), Salad, Veggie Tray, Cheese Tray, and Dessert Table with Milk Chocolate and White Chocolate Fountains and fruit for dipping.

My question is....

I am making the colcannon and a version on shepherd's pie vegan, I am also making brownies and cookies for that table as well.  Would it be rude to serve this table family style so they would know which choices are safe and serve the rest on the buffet or to have plates made for each of these guests and served seperately? 

Our venue does not have a kitchen and all of the food for the buffet is being prepared off-site, delivered and being set up. I could prepare their food either family style or prepared plates to be served when dinner starts.

Ideas? Comments? Criticisms???? (yes I asked and am putting on my big girl panties as we speak..........)  Thanks ladies!

Re: Veggie Etiquette

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    I don't think it would be rude at all.
    I'm sure that they would be thrilled in general that there is something for them to eat. And it seems safer to have it just at their table, just in case someone picks the wrong dish!

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    I'm a vegetarian, and I would love for someone to clue me in to what I can eat. So no, I think that's perfectly fine. I was going to suggest vegetarian shepherd's pie - sounds delish!
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    I think that sounds fine.  They might be thrilled that someone actually thought about them!
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    That sounds fine. As long as whoever is preparing and serving the food knows what is going on and which table to serve, there shouldn't be any problem.
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    My dad, brother and FI's best friend are all lactose intolerant.  We made sure that there will be milk-free options for them. I also have a friend who is hindu and he doesn't eat beef and doesn't know super far in advance if he will be fasting (usually can't eat any meat/eggs) so I made sure that he would have options, too.

    People like when you think of them. I don't think family style for them would be weird at all!
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    i think this is a great idea. as a vegan, i would definitely appreciate it! i hate having to ask a million people if something is vegan-friendly only to get a bunch of non-committal responses, so that i eventually end up eating nothing but some plain celery sticks.  this would relieve that frustration for your veg guests...very thoughtful!
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    just wanted to add it that just because its vegan/vegetarian does not mean its automatically gluten free. please make sure its gf if you are serving it to them because having celiac disease i know how painful and dangerous it can be to eat something non-gf!!

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