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Hi, I am new to this board.

My Fiance and I just did our food tasting. I am sad to report that it was not very good. We are not sure what to do? We cant afford to pay for anything additional.

Any advice?
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  • cmp1986cmp1986 member
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    See if they will cook something different
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    what was it? and why was it bad?
    I had that experience as well when i went for my tasting, so im seriously concidering doing an appetizer buffet instead, its  a little more pricey then the dinner, but there are so0o0o many more options then just the one dinner that will make up for it!
    I can't believe that for $6,000 they can't make a good meal! wtf
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    I would ask to try different options off their menu. 

    I hope you find something tasty!

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    Thank you all for the support.

    I am thinking of calling them and seeing what they can do. We were so excited to go. I even drove straight from a meeting in Phoenix to the tasting because I was so excited. We left disappointed and in the need for some taste.
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