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I am having a DW in Southern California where my parents live.  I happened to be browsing the facebook page of a family friend and I noticed that she has an album of cookies and cupcakes that she's made.  They looked amazing so I shot her an email asking if she would consider making the cupcakes for our wedding.  She was really excited about the idea and had lots of great  thoughts on how to do it.  Well we recently flew out to look at the venue and at the same time stopped by to discuss the cupcakes with her.  While we were talking she told us in order to save her some time she planned on buying the actual cupcakes already made and just icing them herself.  FI and I were not really thrilled with that idea as we were under the impression that she would be actually baking them herself. While we were in town we did try a professional cupcake bakery and it was the best cupcakes we've ever had. So we want to use the professionals but don't know how to break the news to our family friend.  Any suggestions? TIA!

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    Hey family friend, we understand how taxing a task like this can be.  We want you to be able to enjoy the days leading up to the wedding, so we've decided to go with XYZ Bakery. 
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    Politely tell her that you were wanting some special and unique favors and realized that she wouldn't be able to fulfill your request if she bought the cupcakes from another vendor.
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    Just be up front and honest with her!!!!  Honesty is the best policy!

    Tell her that you realized after talking with some people on the message boards that it really would take her forever to make them herself and even though the cupcakes from Sam's are delish that you really like the flavor of this other bakery who will do everything and give her the chance to attend the wedding without being stressed out because of the setup time they'll take at the reception site...  You also want her to be able to enjoy the day and even if she's only decorating them that's a TON of work in addition to the transport and setup at the reception site and you want her to be able to attend the wedding (remember: Even DUFF talks about how he misses his own friends weddings because he's always delivering the cake while they're getting married! - even when he plans extra time to get there after the setup...)

    OR... you could use the excuse that you found out the site requires that food be from a licensed caterer or baker so she can't bring them in even if they are baked by the bakery and she did the decorating...  When in doubt, use state laws in your favor in these circumstances...
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