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I am having a taco/nacho style buffet and need another choice???

My FI and I would eat mexican food every day if possible, so naturally, we are having tacos, nachos, beans and rice for our reception. We are also having fruit, cake and candy buffet. I kind of want to have a simple option for people or children who may not want mexican food. There will be lettuce and veggies so they could make a salad, but think I need more to offer. Would it be stupid to have ham and/or turkey sandwiches? Any other ideas?? Thank You!!!!!!

Re: I am having a taco/nacho style buffet and need another choice???

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    I think a carving station with turkey would be great.  You could have all kinds of condiments including cranberry sauce, and have them served on silver dollar rolls to make them cute and portable, and the kids would love them too.  And turkey will cost less than beef.
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    I think having a deli stations would be great. Offer a some different bread choices, several meat and cheeses and I think that will be awesome.
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    Thanks for the ideas...they are both great! I will ask FI which we should do!
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    What about doing chicken or turkey fajitas instead of tacos? If you season the meat with s&p (maybe some lime and garlic), and grill it up and are having people dress them themselves, then I think that's pretty kid friendly food. I was a super picky eater as a kid, and I know I'd eat fajitas!
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    That's what I was thinking. Have a simpler Mexican dish. Have a variety of Mexican dishes. I think there is a lot you can do with that!
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    [QUOTE]That's what I was thinking. Have a simpler Mexican dish. Have a variety of Mexican dishes. I think there is a lot you can do with that!
    Posted by dittmerbullard2010[/QUOTE]

    I agree! Have tortas, sopes, fajitas, quesadillas. Kids will eat some of that. Where I live, taco bar buffets are really popular. They're less divisive than Italian food, even! As long as things are individual (put it together yourself - so people can leave certain ingredients off) and not everything is spicy, I think it will work well. If you REALLY want a kids plate, maybe have chicken fingers?

    I'm with you, though - I could eat Mexican food 8 times a day.
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    We had meatballs which were a huge hit. I think quesadillas are great too. We also had artichoke dip and garlic toast
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    I have no suggestions I just want to applaud you on having awesome food. So nice to see something different. I have been pretty set on this at my wedding as well.

    Anyway I do think the the turkey sounds like a good idea, although if you have all the basics for Mexican food, it's hard to imagine there would be people who couldn't think of any combination of those choices that they liked. :)
  • mrsalbeemrsalbee member
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    are you offering different choices for the adults who may not want the mexican food? maybe make a space for nachos/loaded nachos. kids love those!
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    I wish I had thought of this!!  We are having traditional food because, well I thought that was the way we had to go.  MY FI are obessed with Mexican food as well, but authentic mexican which might be hard to duplicate at a wedding. But I digress.  It is awesome that you are doing this!  Wish I was coming to your wedding.  What about a pasta station?  Most everyone likes pasta, even kids and it would be fairly cheap there could be lots of options!  Good luck!

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    I live in SO CAL and Mexican food is the usual here. How about stripping it down to it's roots? Have yummy marinated meats such as carne asada (skirt steak that's been marinated), grilled chicken, grilled shrimp and fried fish (for fish tacos)! Have all the meat separated from the fixins- that way guests can pick what they would like to add. Such as yummy Spanish rice, refried or whole beans and the general taco accessories:  lettuce/cabbage, cilantro, scallions/green onions, cheeses, guac and various salsas.(Yum!) Don't forget the tortillas too. Try setting up a tasting station in the form of a salsa bar?
    You can also have enchiladas, quesadillas and stuffed roasted peppers with cheese. The kids will at least eat some quesadillas, with strips of grilled chicken and rice- hopefully. ;)
    For dessert try to add some prickly pear syrup to your dessert choice. I love it with vanilla ice cream! Experiment! You can also make a signature drink with it. ;)
  • miranda060184miranda060184 member
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    My fiance and I really wanted to have a fun, laid back atmosphere at our wedding. We are doing cheeseburger sliders, a nacho bar, dipping stations, buffalo wings, and basically just comfort food. Although its nice to sit down and have a meal, this is a celebration and i want to be up dancing and interacting with my guests!!
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