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no apps

we are having a pretty casual reception at a converted barn that caters (they do dinner theatre shows so their food is amazing).  my fiance and i never really talked about doing an appetizer because we aren't having a formal/fancy meal and becuase it's just an extra cost. 

has anyone else decded against this? 
i feel like our dinner is substantial enough (salmon in creamy dill sauce with seasonal veggies and potatoes; chicken in white white terragon sauce with veggies and potatoes; pork tenderloin with peppercorn sauce, veggies and potatoes) that we don't need apps.

Re: no apps

  • Are you having a cocktail hour before dinner?  If you are serving alcohol before dinner, I feel that it's best to have some sort of appetizer available - even if you keep it simple with cheese and crackers, veggies and dip, and maybe something like hummus and pita or salsa and chips.

  • we are not having a cocktail hour.  i know so many people on TK will freak out at me because of that but in my social circle and geographic area it's not a big deal.  most people don't have them because guests just go out for coffee in between the ceremony and reception.  we are also having a dry wedding.
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    If your guests are just going to show up at the reception and go straight to their tables for dinner, then I don't see any need for appetizers. 

  • We didn't have appetizers. We did, however, have late night snacks. It all depends on what is common in your geographic area. I did the late night thing (ice cream sundae bar with various ice creams and toppings) mostly because our wedding was in August and I thought it would be fun. But, we had a lot left, 4 half gallons of ice cream and 73 guests, it was a lot, LOL.

    You don't have to offer it if your guests will be served within 30 minutes of their arrival.
  • As long as the dinner is served within a reasonable time. 
  • we are starting the reception at 6:00, meaning people can start showing up then and finding their seats, chatting, etc.  then we will serve dinner at 6:30. 
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