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Alcohol issues

Hi everyone! I need advice on alcohol at the reception. My fiance and I weren't gonna have alcohol because neither of us or our families are big drinkers but some of our friends are. Obviously to serve alcohol, we have to have a licensed server. Most of the guests at our wedding will be 21 but some of them know we aren't having alcohol and have already said that they will bring their own. We talked to the guy that runs our venue and he said he will be monitoring the venue and parking lot for people that bring their own supply. Are we responsible for anyone over 21 that brings their own and then drives? And how do you control that?

Re: Alcohol issues

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    This sounds like a legal question, and probably varies from state to state. I'd recommend asking it on your local board. People on this board are from all over.
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    Tell you friends that if they are really your friends they will respect your wishes and not bring any alcohol.  Simple as that.
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    IIn Missouri, where our wedding is, you do not need a licensed bartender on site; however, FI is an attorney and for legal and liability purposes we will have a licensed bartender.

    Does your venue require security? If so, they may be able to help with the problem. But I would just make it clear to your friends alcohol will not be allowed and if they bring it they will be told to leave.

    I would get some sort of liability coverage if you are worried your friends won't respect your request.
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    Your guests should respect your request not to bring alcohol. I agree with the poster rknox88.
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    You control it by telling them the venue doesn't allow alcohol to be brought in. Also, look at getting wedding insurance. It can cover the sort of accidents you're worried about. Still, your friends should listen and not do it...
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