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outside food problems

ok, so we don't have much money to spend on food, and our wedding is potentionally going to be pretty late. Also, all of the good caterers are booked for the month that the wedding will be set, and the wedding is going to be outside. I am trying to figure out how to serve hot appitsers during the reception. There are some outlets around the place, but everything i think of keeps getting shot down. are there any ideas? has anyone done this before?

Re: outside food problems

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    If I am understanding correctly, you're having a wedding late in the day so you're doing hot appetizers rather than a full meal, but the caterers in your area are unavailable. 

    Have you considered getting huge portions of appetizers from a restaurant (or even several restaurants) that you like that isn't a "caterer" in the traditional sense of the word?  They could deliver the stuff hot and you could rent chaffing dishes with Sterno lights to keep them hot when they arrive.  You could pay a couple college students to be there to receive and put out the food and to clear any dirty plates as people finish eating. 

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    I would look into a restaurant for them, as previously stated. We are using 18 quart roasters to keep our food warm, we know a ton of people that have them. It may not look that elegant, but the chaffing dishes are known to burn food to the bottom....
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