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Sheet cake display question :)

Hi ladies,

    I'm getting married in July and we are talking about our wedding cake. Call me odd, but I'm just not really into the "traditional" tiered cakes. My fiance and I share a common favorite- cake from Costco! I'm planning on about 80 people at our wedding, so based on servings we'll need two 1/2 sheet cakes. We might play it safe and even get 3 (nothing wrong with leftovers!).
    However, just because we are going non-traditional doesn't mean that I want to give up a beautiful display. We plan on using a cake topper (somewhere....haven't figured out eaxct spot yet), but I am clueless on how to set up/arrange the cakes. I can use things like flowers around them, but since they are rectangular and all the same size, it makes display tricky.
    If anyone wants to toss some creative ideas my way, I would really appreciate it! Thank you! :)

Re: Sheet cake display question :)

  • You can to a tiered display, like the cakes on different levels and place the topper on the highest cake....

  • You can still change the size of the cakes by cutting some smaller, and then decorate each a bit differently (but still go for a unified look) and put them on different cake stands.

    You can even ask to borrow cake stands from family members. That way you're not doing a traditional tiered look, it's more of an individual cakes type of thing that is still set up to look nice.

    You can put these cakes on a dessert table, and jazz it up with other treats and sweets alongside :)
  • Would you consider a couple of round cakes on different height cake stands? I've seen this done beautifully before. Will COSTCO do rounds?
  • You don't need to display all the cakes -- only one.  Keep the rest in the kitchen, they can even be pre-cut to aid in serving.  I would display the one cake elevated from the table on maybe a phone book - you only need it a couple of inches off the table.  Surround the space with greens and flowers.  I assume that you'll have some decoration on the cake, probably icing roses..  That's usually placed in one of the corners.  Put your cake topper there.  If you don't have icing flowers, the put some fresh flowers on the cake.
  • In Response to Re: Sheet cake display question :):
    [QUOTE]You can to a tiered display, like the cakes on different levels and place the topper on the highest cake....
    Posted by littleluckypenny[/QUOTE]

    I like this idea

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