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Frozen Yogurt Bar

So I am not much of a cake person. My Fiance and I frequent the local Yogurt land by our house, it's always been our thing.

So instead of cake, I was thinking of renting Frozen Yogurt Machines and have a self serve Fro Yo Bar. We could decorate the machine so it's not so industrial looking, and pull the lever together instead of cutting the cake.

My problem is logistics. Do I have sundaes made already and served? Or do I have people wait in line? I'm thinking have sundaes served, and if people want extras, they can go over to the "Bar" and help themselves.


Re: Frozen Yogurt Bar

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    Sounds delish!  Your idea for organizing seems perfect.  Alternatively you could do self-serve the whole time.  People are smart and if there is a big line-up they will come back in a few minutes.  They'll figure it out.
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    I love the yogurt idea, especially since it has a special meaning for you and your FI.

    Not sure what the formality of your wedding is, but I think a self-serve option would work well. I agree with having cups already filled with yogurt then guests can grab the yogurt, add their toppings and enjoy.

    I would see if your venue could run the machine and fill cups as needed, that way the yogurt doesn't melt away before all of your guests can enjoy.

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    That sounds like a great idea! And I think that a self serve would be fine, and fun!
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    Very cool. I'd want to serve myself, but I think that would probably get messy if people are drinking and... erm... serving.
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    i suggest having at least a few dozen already set out. i used to work at an ice cream place in high school and after about 20 minutes of constant use, the machine doesn't have time to cool the ice cream before it comes out and it comes out runny. also you'll want to be sure someone is restocking the toppings and keeping the machine full of froyo mix. sounds yummy!
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    Well, as you can tell from my name, I enjoy frogurt. :)

    Anyway, I think the self serve option could get rather messy.  I think if you just have dishes/bowls/cups for guests to use, then it will probably be ok.  However, if you offer cones, that will turn into a big mess.

    It really takes some practice to be able to make cones/dishes from an ice cream machine look nice. 
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    it's definitely different, and that's good, but you might want to consider have frogurt for those who might not like it.  I know I personally never liked the stuff myself, and I honestly have to really be in the mood for ice cream, and I'm ususally not.

    Nothing huge, maybe a ton of cookies or something ou can get in bulk; which people might also use in their sundaes
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    I would love to go to a wedding with untraditional frozen yogurt! Sounds really yum.
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    Could you see about having someone work it?  Either hire someone for the night from the local shop to have some continuously prepped or possibly someone at your venue (an extra waitstaff for the time that they are there)

    Since it seems like your wedding is a little more laid back, I would recommend putting a small sign out saying something like "If machine is slow, it needs to cool down.  Come back in a few minutes to enjoy!"  That way your guests aren't getting mad and bugging you about the machine.

    But I do really like the idea of the fro-yo machine.  Very creative!!!
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    Where did you find a fro yo bar for rent??? I live in fresno and I can't find one at all. and that sounds like a great idea!
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    If you're going to do that I would do ice cream also - a lot of people hate frozen yogurt (myself included).
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    Pinkberry caters weddings and does full service.
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    WOW! We are on the exact same page! I'm getting in married in May and am doing the exact same thing! Everyone who knows me knows I am obsessed with frozen yogurt and I've said for a while now that I would love to have a frozen yogurt machine at my wedding. My fiancee and I go all the time, it is definitely "our thing". Yogurtland was our first stop after we got engaged 2 weeks ago! I was just making all my calls this morning and found a vendor who will rent us a machine. I am SO excited! I was googling yogurt mixes as I would love to find a "wedding cake" flavor. I happened to come across your post and couldn't believe there was someone else out there thinking the exact same thing!
  • Hi there! Golden Spoon Frozen Yogurt is now doing wedding catering. We can customize a toppings bar to match your theme and colors. We can also have a n attendant available to help you guest swirl and top. Contact us at [email protected] or 855-gldn-spn...we would love to hear more about your special day and how we can help :)
    Happy planning!
  • I'm actually interested in having a Make Your Own Fro-Yo bar at one of my wedding events as well. Anyone know any companies in Indiana that specialize in this? Thanks!
  • i know this post has been inactive for a while, but my sister is getting married in the Boston, Massachusetts area and had mentioned wanting to do something similar to the froyo and toppings bar! 

    does anyone know of a frozen yogurt rental in our area?
  • does anyone know how much pinkberry charges for taking care of this option at a wedding?
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