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How much should a cake cost?

My baker sent me a price of 960 for 150 ppl with set up, tax and delivery. I thought that was PRETTY steep!!!

Re: How much should a cake cost?

  • ivyrose13ivyrose13 member
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    The price of a cake depends on a lot of variables, such as your geographic location, type of frosting, cake decoration, type of cake, and filling. 

    The cake you have pictured looks like it is done in fondant, which is going to bring the price up, I'm not sure what the leaves are made of, but I'm assuming some type of gum paste, which is also going to bring the price up because each leaf has to be made by hand. I also do not know what type of cake/filling you are using, premium flavors and fillings tend to cost significantly more than more "traditional" flavors like chocolate or vanilla. Your cake comes out to $6.40/slice, which is on the higher end, but not unheard of.

    I'm in Maine, I'm having a lemon cake with buttercream frosting and filling, and I'm paying $2.50 a slice; I'm also having sugar seashells, which brings my total right around $500 for my cake to serve 150 people.

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  • fallbride1109fallbride1109 member
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    It's high but definitely not unheard of for a major city.  My cake was $3.50/slice and with decorations, delivery, etc., it was around $800.
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    If the cake you are getting is the cake in the picture, I think that is a fair price.
  • sarabellamsarabellam member
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    For a major metropolitan area like Chicago, and the cake appears to be covered with fondant with either fondant or gumpaste leaves, I'd say that price is just about what I'd expect. Welcome to wedding planning.
  • SSaltzman87SSaltzman87 member
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    It depends on a LOT of variables. But considering you're in a major city, I can't say I'm surprised by the quote you got. Here in MSP-it's not uncommon for cake to be in the $2.00-3.00 range per person-again, depends on the design, flavors-whatever.

    Even though the design itself is pretty simple, it's still labor intensive-so a lot of the cost goes to labor. That's why I'm planning to go with a different dessert other than cake because it does get expensive.
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    It's not that high to be honest. You have to remember that city and state tax is added in there as well as delivery and set up fees. So most likely your actual cake cost is closer to the 750 neightborhood. That's about $5 a serving, not uncommon in Chicago. You can expect to pay $4-$9 a serving plus taxes and set up from any baker you work with.
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    My cake was $2.70/slice for a buttercream frosting and different flavor fillings.  If I would have done fondant it would have been $3.70/slice.  Extras like rhinestones around the tiers and a monogram on top were all extra.  I think we ended up figuring about $1200 for 300 people.
  • lindsay5432lindsay5432 member
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    Mine will be about $150, it is similar to this cake
  • jess9802jess9802 member
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    Our cake is costing $3.24/slice--it feeds 50 people. No fondant. Around here I've seen cakes running from around $2.50-4.50/slice.
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    Everything is made of fondant, the leaves and everything.. thanks for the input you guys! So I can tell my fiance my reasons for spending so much on the cake and actually know what I'm talking about ;)
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    To lower the cost, you can ask your baker to make a sheet cake (each slice will be about half what you're paying for the wedding cake).  You can then have the main cake serve 75-100 people. 

    However, if you want that size of a main cake, then $950 sounds very reasonable.  I think your cake is lovely!  :) :) :)
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    Also...ask your baker if you can give her your final head count closer and see if she can adjust the cake size.  For instance, she probably charges by the slice, but if you end up with only 125 guests, you won't need the extra slices.
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