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Seriously? That much liquor?

Thankfully, FI's family has helped us out so much with our wedding. But they draw the line at alcohol. So I'm buying it a little bit at a time to avoid the sticker shock.

We have about 150 guests at our wedding, About 115 of them drink (are of age to). Out of that 115, maybe half of them will have more than a couple drinks.

We're planning on getting a couple kegs and some cases of Corona. As far as liquor, this is what my FI thinks is reasonable:

Rum (Malibu- mostly for the girls who like it with pineapple)- 2 handles
Rum (Bacardi- for every other kind of  rum drink)- 6 handles
Vodka- 6 handles
Whiskey (mostly for the FI and his guys)- 1 bottle
Tequila (FI swears his family loves it)- 3 bottles

This doesn't include the wine and champagne...

For some reason, those numbers don't seem right.....

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Re: Seriously? That much liquor?

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