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One of my close friends and bridesmaids will be making my wedding cake for me. We are planning to have between 150 and 175 guests at our wedding, so it will need to be fairly large. I am planning on paying for the supplies for her to make the cake, but beyond that how much should I pay her? I'm sure most cake prices are inflated like everything else in the industry, so it's hard to know what would be a fair price (beyond supplies) for this size of cake! Thanks!

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  • Is she expecting payment? If you think so, or even if you don't, ask her how much her services will be. If she decines, give her a generous amount in cash or a gift card to somewhere she'd like. 
  • unfortunately
    I have no good way
    But I want to wish you good luck
    All the best!
  • I think you should pay for the supplies plus $150-$200. Shouldn't come out to more than $350. That would be $1.71 per slice...which is GREAT! 
  • Well since I found a bakery that can make a 3 teired cake for $70, that is what I would pay her (actually a little less, maybe an hourly fee of 5-10 per hour). Especially since you're paying for all the supplies.  If she is charging for her service just ask her how much she will charge.  If she is doing it as a wedding gift, then you don't pay her, but a nice gift card to her favorite store would be a nice thank you.

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