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Cupcake Tower Favors

As part of our favors for our guests, each place setting is going to have an small white empty box. The idea is for the guests towards the end of the evening to visit the cupcake tower and take a sweet treat home with them. There are going to be coral ribbons tied around the boxes and each one with have a gold sticker with our names and wedding date on it. I'm wanting to come up with a fun little ryhme to let the guests know what the box is for, so that they're not wondering why an empty box is at their seat! I was thinking about putting a sign by the cupcake tower saying "Love is Sweet, Have a Treat" but maybe I should put that rhyme on each box instead?  I'm just not sure how to explain the idea to guests. Any tips?

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Re: Cupcake Tower Favors

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    I love the idea, it's super cute. i'm trying to think of something cute and nice to go with the empty boxes, but it is a hard one to figure out! The random ideas that I came up with, which don't rhyme but maybe will give you an idea for something else that does rhyme are:
    "Fill me up with a little bit of love to take home for later"
     "You fill me up! Buttercup(cake)!" 
    "Just like (Bride) and (groom) go together, so should a little piece of the night go with you! Take a sweet cupcake home to remember the sweetness of love" 

    They're lame, but hopefully something willl help you think of something better! 
    Good luck! 
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    We did boxed cupcake favors.  But we had them pre-boxed on the tables and used that as the centerpieces.  We didn't have a poem, but guests got the idea that they could either eat them at the reception or take them home.

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    Love this idea!  We are doing both cake and cupcakes but want to leave boxes at the desert table for people to take one home if they choose.  Do you ladies mind sharing where you got your cupcake boxes?  I don't know where I should order them!

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