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Side dishes with Pig Roast?

Hi everyone! MY FI parents have offered to buy a pig for the reception, which is awesome because we are trying to stay with a low budget and this will really help.  I'm DIY-ing most of the wedding, and I need some ideas on side dishes for this meal.  Important here though is that they need to not require much work in making it, and if they do, they need to hold up for a few days. 

A few ideas I have had are:
-deviled eggs
-pickle/onion wraps
-vegetable tray & dip

Any ideas? Thanks! :)

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Re: Side dishes with Pig Roast?

  • Definitely second the mac n' cheese suggestion.  

  • I second baked beans. 

    Can you possibly add a green salad?  Though you say the dishes nneed to hold up for a few days, so maybe just wash the lettuce and then add the tomatoes/carrots/whatever just before serving.
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  • We are serving BBQ and baked beans. I'm sure some family will make slaw. But the baked beans we are playing to pre in advance and heat before serving. Of course chips my favorite with BBQ and baked beans! Mac and cheese doesn't hold up well to me.
  • I agree while mac n cheese would go with your primary meal choice, I have yet to make mac n cheese and have it taste or look good upon re-heating.

    I see you are in Grand Rapids. Gordon Food Service stores have a huge selection of pre-made side dishes that are frozen then can be cooked right before you need them. They come in large chafing style aluminum pans. They have mac n cheese, au gratin potatoes (always my favorite with ham/pork), other sides. They also have large bags of prepared cole slaw, salads, etc in the fresh produce area. Also carry industrial sized cans of pork n beans, other veggies.

    They also sell the larger heavy duty aluminum chafing stands with sterno cans to keep your food warm.

    Another option would be if you have a Costco or Sam's club membership. I know Costco has large packages of rolls and croissants you could serve with your meat, and you could have condiments and cheeses to make sandwiches with the pork. The cakes and pies at Costco are large and reasonably priced and could be set up on a dessert table.

  • Thanks everyone! I forgot to say that the pig is coming with rolls, and I was planning on buying a few condiments.   A Salad is definitely a good idea! I was thinking about having someone also make coleslaw or a potato salad  -- I know that would hold up well. However, baked beans is also a good idea!

    Sue - Thanks for the suggestions. I have access to the kitchen at the church if I need to heat up something, and I was planning on stopping at either GFS or Sams for some things anyways. :)

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  • Cheese and meat tray

    Hummus and veggies/pita

    Pierogies and carmelized onions

    Potato salad

    Maccaroni/pasta salad

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  • Cabbage and carrots hold up really well for days, even when chopped up and tossed with a dressing, so you could do a coleslaw or carrot-slaw (especially with a vinaigrette rather than a mayo dressing).
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